Are you tried of getting denied because of  low or poor credit? Sick of asking others to co-sign for you? Let us RESTORE  your SCORE!

We take time to review clients financial history . We then devise a plan with each client tailored to fix bad habits and create new ones.

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How does the credit restoration process work?

You're on the way to better credit!

1. You pull Your Credit file from Here. It is $1 for seven days. This will allow us to challenge the bureaus effectively!

2. Pay for your "Restore my Score" package below!

3. Book your welcome call! (on home page)  During this call with us we will go over your credit file in detail. This is no charge to you. We will come up with an action plan together to help you build your score.This consultation is very important and mandatory.

4. After the call, we will then work on your letters and send them to the main three bureaus.The credit bureaus have 30-45 days from the day they receive your letters to respond to you. Once you receive correspondence from the credit bureaus, you are required to send the information to us. 

All items will not be removed from your credit file, that is called a credit sweep and that is illegal. We do not perform credit sweeps. We only provide factual disputing. Everything we do is backed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

*Learn how to build your credit while establishing  financial freedom through developing healthy financial decision making skills! 

*Build your credit portfolio by partnering with several major creditors. 

*Restore My Score Service is $199 (1st month is include) then $99 each month. You can cancel at anytime*



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Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

This is for our clients who have a budget and need continuous support.

This includes a detailed audit, unlimited disputes, 24/7 client portal access, credit education, direct communication with CEO, credit building tips, monthly consultations after receiving results to go over next months game plan.

*Monthly fee is $99 to continue services. This is due on the first of the month*

**Average Results 45-60 Days**